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A.T.A Professional Acryl Gel (30ml Tube)


30ml Tube of A.T.A Professional Acryl Gel.


  • Odourless – No more irritating chemical smells
  • Nail Cleanser/Isopropanol Solutions can be used as Slip Solutions
  • No Mixing – Ready to go out of the tube
  • Use on Natural Nails, or with Dual Nail Tips/’Pop-it’s’ or Nail Forms
  • Acryl Gel is lighter than acrylics but more flexible and stronger than hard gel
  • No more Heat Spikes during the curing process
  • For a natural finish simply add IBN Top Coat
  • Work at your own pace, it only cures when set under the lamp
  • Cures with UV or LED Lamps
  • Superior Adhesion extends wear time
  • Suitable for Overlays, Tip Extensions or Sculptured Nails
  • No airborne dust when filing
  • 30g Tubes are enough for up to 15-25 applications!
  • Lasts up to 5 weeks!
  • To remove, file down but leave 10% if re-applying to ensure nail strength & protection.





  1. Prep Nail by Shaping and Filing, degrease with a wipe of Nail Cleanser/Dehydrator.
  2. (Optional for additional adhesion) Apply a thin coat of Primer/Bonder & allow to air dry.
  3. Apply a thin coat of IBN Base Coat & Cure for 20-30secs.
  4. Unless applying to natural nail- Apply a Nail Form or Choose a suitable size Dual Nail Form.
  5. Squeeze an adequate amount of Acryl Gel on to Application Tool/Cuticle Pusher- (You can continue to form and move the gel once you don’t cure so more can be applied if you do not have enough gel at first)
  6. You can use Nail Cleanser/Isopropanol Solution as Slip Solution for easy manipulation of the gel- dip your gel brush into the liquid and dab off the excess and you can mould the gel easier around the Dual Form Nail Tip or Nail Form etc.
  7. If using a Dual Nail Form, apply the tip to the nail gently to ensure correct placement then press firmly.
  8. Cure for 60secs-3 minutes depending on lamp type and strength- preferably 36W power or higher.
  9. The gel will be solid once cured- tap to be sure, you will know by the sound.
  10. Remove the tacky layer with Nail Cleanser and file to the desired shape and length, be mindful of the side walls and don’t thin them too much.
  11. Apply Shellac Gel Polish/Top Coat or Nail Art as normal.
  12. To reapply fresh Acryl Gel Nails, file the old enhancement down to 10% of original application to ensure integrity of the nail and reapply. To remove completely, file down to approx. 10% and soak off the remainder with Gel Remover/Acetone Solution.


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