Strawberry Shortcake (24635)


Colour changes depending on Temperature


UV/LED Shellac Nail Polish -Requires Drying Under a UV/LED Lamp

For Professional or Home Application of Gel Nails

10ml Bottle


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Weight 36 g

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  • 0.75

    Choose 1 x Roll of 1mm Striping Tape


    Can be used to create patterns or as a part of the design for Nail Art

    Pic 1. Tape was used to create the pattern- stick on tape, paint around it, remove carefully & retouch where necessary before curing.

    Pic 2. Apply Base Coat & Colour Coats & cure as normal, apply tape & trim to fit nail with no overhang (Cuticle clippers are good for this) then apply 1-2 layers of Top Coat to seal.



    Striping Tape (1mm)

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  • 3.50

    1 x Pack of Rhinestones for Nail Art


    Approx. 240-600pcs per case depending on shape selected

    (Colours may vary slightly from items pictured)


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