Pre-Soaked Gel Removal Wraps (200pcs)



Once you try these wraps, you won’t go back to cotton & foil!


Pre-Soaked Gel Removal Wraps

Lightly Perfumed to leave a Lovely Scent



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Specifically Designed to Reduce Acetone Contact with the Skin and

Avoid Evaporation of the Acetone as you Soak.

Lightly File the Gel to Break the Top Coat Seal.

Simply Tear Sachet along the Top,

Insert Nail, Remove Tab to Reveal the Sticky Strip,

Fold over the Loose Wrapper to Form a Tight Seal around the Nail.

Soak for 8-10 Minutes.

Any Remaining Polish can be Gently removed with a Cuticle Stick,

Re-soak if a lot of Gel remains- the same wrap can be used once the acetone hasn’t dried out.