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    1. Apply IBN Base Coat and cure for 20 seconds
    2. Apply first Colour Coat and cure for 2 minutes (UV Lamp) or 30 seconds (LED Lamp)
    3. Apply second Colour Coat and use the Magnetic Tool to create patterns- vertical, horizontal or diagonal, before curing as above.
    4. Apply IBN Top Coat and cure as above.


    UV/LED Gel Polish -Requires Drying Under a UV/LED Lamp

    For Professional or Home Application of Gel Nails

    10ml Bottle



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    Base Coat & No Wipe Glossy Top Coat!

    To be Used Alongside IBN Gel Polish.

    Base Coat must be applied before IBN Colour Coat.

    Seal Colour Coats with Top Coat.

    Require Drying Under a UV/LED Lamp.

    (See Application Guide)

    10ml Bottle of Each


    Base Coat & No Wipe Glossy Top Coat

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