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Gel Removal Steamer System


Gel Removal Steamer Unit & 120ml Bottle of IBN Gel Remover (Contains Acetone & Cuticle Oil)

UK Plug



  1. Gently file the top coat layer from your nails
  2. Twist open the cap & fill the plastic basin with 5ml of Gel Remover/Acetone
  3. Plug in the unit & press the power button to begin heating. After approx. 1 minute, the green light will come on & the unit will beep.
  4. Insert your fingers through the openings & hold onto the unit as pictured so all 5 nail surfaces are exposed to the steam fully.
  5. The beeper will sound after 5 minutes- you can check your nails now but it usually takes the full 10 minutes when the unit will beep again & the yellow light will come on to indicate it’s finished.
  6. The Shellac should flake off easily with a cuticle stick.
  7. Moisturise hands and nails well.


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  • Use in a well ventilated area- over exposure to acetone fumes can cause dizziness/respiratory irritation/nausea- this should not be a problem once the product is used correctly, as per instructions.
  • Do not use if you have any cuts/broken skin as this may cause irritation
  • The steam will get quite hot, do not be alarmed. If you feel discomfort, discontinue use immediately
  • Ensure you moisturise hands and nails well after use
  • Acetone is flammable so handle with care

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